Angie Horton


Hello my name is Angie Horton and I am the proud owner of the ITEX in Salt Lake City franchise. I have been in the trade and barter business for 4 years and know this is the business for me. My past experience has been in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry for a 20+ year career. My last position held in that industry was the Operations Manager for the Mortgage Division of a Bank. I thought I had worked my way from loan officer/processor to Account Executive to Ops Manager being at the top of my field but came to the realization that I did not enjoy the position and wanted to return to my passionate position of working with people. I plan on growing Itex in Salt Lake City to the largest barter network in Utah. I want all of my members to know that each and everyone of them are important to us and we are honored to have them as members! My hobbies are many - I love to travel, cook, camp, fish, garden and water ski. My greatest gifts in life are my family - Scott, my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. I have a large family and enjoy all of the memorable times that we have had together over the years and look forward to the many, many more! Thanks to all of our members for making this possible for me!